Alan James Raddon

Put your weight onto your hands & you naturally spread your fingers out to distribute your weight. This is how our toes were born to be - free.

My name is Alan James Raddon – Designer : Shoemaker.

I come to Shoemaking with attitude.

I believe in healing through the feet.

I have a keen interest in complementary and alternative healing and that is why I will never ever make Pointy Shoes like most manufactured High Street shoes, which I believe actively weaken and damage your feet.

I come to Shoemaking with the intention of actively strengthening and healing my clients feet.

I come to Shoemaking with the intention of combining high quality leather and suede with fine workmanship, integrity and a quick, personal, professional, reliable, service that is second to none. You will not get this kind of intention or service from a shoe shop assistant. Or the range of widths, sizes and vast range of colours and leathers I offer.

My Shoes, Shandals, Rope Soled Slippers and Golf Shoes come in three widths from size 2 to 14+, in half sizes and even quarter sizes.

If you can not find shoes to fit on the High Street. Need wide, deep, bespoke or soft  comfortable shoes or have problems with your feet, knees, hips, have high arches, hammer toes, sore feet, flat feet, bunions, odd size feet, have Orthotics that you can not find shoes they fit into or are diabetic or just want beautiful, hand made one-off shoes made especially for you, that are

designed to be repaired and last years, then perhaps you have found your own personal Shoemaker.

Check out my web sites then ring me for a chat.


Clifton House
SA46 0LW


£385 -£580+